Improving your business through the power of music

music stand

Why Music?

Music isn't an elite activity for a few ‘musical people’: It's a vibrant and ever-present part of all our lives and a powerful language which cuts across social barriers. We passionately believe that everyone can make and perform music, regardless of their skills.

At Moving Performance we use music to learn about ourselves, how we relate to other people, how we lead, and how we can contribute to a multi-disciplinary, high-performing team.

We're also convinced that music is a powerful tool for change and so Moving Performance commits one-tenth of working time to supporting the communities in which we live and work by sharing our talents.

We can deliver a creative solution that will both challenge and inspire your people and specifically address your business performance needs, whether that's implementing change, improving communication, developing leadership, or enhancing emotional intelligence.

"Having been a musician all my life I was well aware of the power of music. Moving Performance unleashed this power on our people and our business. The team quickly lost their inhibitions, got in touch with their emotions and produced a performance; a performance that came straight back to the workplace."