Improving your business through the power of music

music stand

Reinvigorate your business through music

We get business. After all, we're business people. Our focus at Moving Performance is to help you to meet your business objectives.

We do it in an engaging, creative, and musical way.

Whether it's on an away day with a small group of people, or a conference gathering of all your people, we'll lead them into a musical performance which is directly linked to your commercial drivers and organisational goals.

It's not kum-by-ya. We communicate with your people at a business level, first and foremost. But as we gradually bring in musical elements, their inhibitions will disappear, and they'll be composing, singing and dancing along to your objectives.

No day is the same as another. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to business, so we learn about your organisation to deliver a powerful musical experience that will engage your people and give you tangible results.

We use a range of approaches. We believe everyone can make and perform music and we'll show you how. We use writing music, making musical instruments, listening to music, singing and performing to engage proven theory on leadership, communication, team-working and emotional intelligence. Using the help of professional musicians, such as opera singers, wind quintets, or rock bands, we tailor the programme to the size of your group and your objectives. We'll plan a keynote speech with you, and lead an interactive musical activity that will break down inhibitions and inspire your teams with your key messages and goals.

We have run conferences and away days with great success across Europe and the US always delivering outstanding results.