Know the Score

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What is it?

Know the Score® is a day with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, exploring how their expertise and world-class levels of performance can help you to fine-tune your business.

In a dynamic and multi-sensory session, delegates sit on stage within the orchestra to witness the secrets of consistently brilliant performance first-hand.

It's a powerful, effective and long-lasting experience.

How does it work?

Moving Performance's Know the Score® team of international business leaders, musicians and coaches will work with you and your leaders to apply this powerful metaphor into to your organisation.

Throughout the day we look at:

  • Cultivating passion and aligning ambition in your organisation
  • Building community among a highly diverse and multi-skilled group of people
  • Connecting your organisation to the highest point of leverage
  • Delivering immediate change through listening and collaborative communication
  • Creating an environment of proactive contribution

We close the day with a champagne reception and dinner, and then invite you to join us for a full concert performance by the RPO that evening.

"I have had the pleasure of sharing Know the Score® with clients as part of leadership programmes designed to cultivate leadership strengths, passion, self-awareness and better understanding of team dynamics. The session is wonderful. It helps open everyone's hearts as well as providing rich and powerful metaphors for atunement, listening, team performance, risk taking and unleashing excellence. Ben is masterful at facilitating participant reflection and drawing the leadership lessons from his interviews with the conductor and the performers. People leave Know the Score® uplifted, engaged and focused on their own leadership journey."

Amy Elizabeth Fox, Chief Executive Officer


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Who is it for?

Know the Score® is for businesses, teams, clients and individuals who seek to drive performance to the next level. It works in a number of different contexts:

1] As a bespoke leadership and management team development programme for 15 or more of your people.
2] As an exclusive development programme tailored for functional specialists (from one or multiple organisations)
3] As a company/client joint development programme
4] As part of an existing leadership programme
5] As a value-adding alternative to corporate hospitality

Contact us to find out how Know the Score® can transform your organisation.