Improving your business through the power of music

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Team Development

Teamwork is essential to business success.

Without collaboration in music you get a cacophony. Without co-operation in business you get chaos. We know that teamwork doesn't always come naturally or easily, but we have fun, motivational, rewarding and memorable solutions that will build relationships in your teams.

We'll help your teams achieve the impossible together.

Keeping your specific business objectives in mind, we'll get even the least musical of your people writing and performing music with their colleagues. We offer bespoke musical experiences that will stretch your teams and help them learn the vital skills of working effectively together.

"Moving Performance rocked our staff conference and helped us achieve the highest ratings ever for staff satisfaction with the day. Staff acheived remarkable results and discovered creativity they did not know they had. I would strongly recommend Ben and his team for any staff conference or team building activity."

Geeta Nanda, Chief Executive, Thames Valley Housing Association

"It really took me out of my comfort zone and I wasn't looking forward to it at all. But once I got involved, I really enjoyed it and when the crunch came up on the stage I was surprised how much I enjoyed putting myself out there and going for it with my team! With hindsight, I see the correlation to what I do every day and how important it is not to be phased by challenges and to get stuck in with a positive attitude – a useful lesson in life."

David Crooke, Manager, Northern Rock